Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So I fell off of the wagon...

Ok, so I fell off of the, "I will get better at blogging" wagon. Sue me.

I have been busy knitting and other things.
Let's see I have knit a scarf, started a shawl, almost finished a pair of socks, my first!

I have joined the mystery sock knit-along.
Thought about sock wars, but I don't knit that fast, and as I have only knit one pair of socks, I would loose in about 3 days.

I have 2 more 2-week class and I am an official graduate of the University of Phoenix.

I am still looking for another job, I really dislike looking for another job, but I really dislike being treated as if I have no brain cells too. So, onward to another job.

Not much else going on here just trying to keep out of trouble, which isn't easy to do with a couple of kids.

Talk to you later.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trying to get better...

I really am trying to get better at blogging lately. I have been busy with school, and work. Let me try to catch you up.


School has been trying. I have 3 more months to go, and I am finished. 2 1/2 classes left to go, I am ecstatic. I have been struggling to find time to get homework done, but I have been able to manage.


Work is a whole different ball of wax. My immediate supervisor left for greener pastures. I am really happy for her. The problem is she was the one who administered all of our GIS data. Now that is up to me and the DBA who really isn’t our DBA, he works for other departments. My boss (the big guy) just manages him.

I have been given quite a few more jobs to do since my boss left, and not being compensated for it. I know, I should leave or demand a raise. 1) Asked for a raise, the check is in the mail. 2) The experience I am gaining will help me find another job. 3) I am looking for another job.

Just before my boss gave notice, the head boss, notified me that I shouldn’t get too comfortable, as there was no future for me here. Well, I guess I have been told. So I am trying to soak up as much as I can in order to get more knowledge. Know this, I won’t be dealing with that man’s attitude for much longer, I really can last much longer.

There have been several times when he has insinuated I either, a) don’t have the brain capacity to absorb what Shawna was describing to him; unbeknownst to him she was describing my current job duties. Needless to say he had egg on his face when he was informed that is what I do for 2 out of 4 weeks during the month. b) Can’t handle a technical duty; which is the reason he will not be giving me a larger raise; the first of which I haven’t received.

Now that Shawna is gone, he has discovered that not only do I have a brain, but I am also capable of completing more technical duties.

So that is part of the reason I haven’t been posting.


I have been knitting. I have finished a dishrag for my swap partner.

I have started the Menorah Pillow from handknit Holidays. It's for my husband's doctor, who is a wonderfully patient man. I am on row 37, and if I do say so myself, I am proud. It looks good. Nope no pictures, sorry.

I also knit a small lace neck scarf for a friend that recently had shoulder surgery. She broke her shoulder after going ass over tea kettle over the handlebars of a motorcycle.

Word of advice to all those that don’t know how to ride a bike, me included:
If You Don’t Know How To Ride, Stay Under 25 MPH!

Well that is all of the news I have for now. I will try to get on again before the next century.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well it has been a long time.

I have no excuses, it is just life.
I have been knitting. Let me see if I can list all of the things I have been doing.
I finished a leaf lace shawl.
Please excuse the poor quality, I took these pictures with my camera phone.

I also finished a water bottle holder for my husband, which was completed in crochet, not knit. I wanted to see if I could do it. Guess what? I did. No pictures, but you expect that from me. I made it in blue, since anything in pink is a no go for him :D. The pattern can be found here. Dot has wonderful patterns. I even made a worm, granted it wasn't the best attempt at crochet, so you won't see any pictures of that anytime soon. The kids liked it though, which is all that really matters in the grand scheme of things.

I also finished a KARAOKE CABLE SCARF in KnitPicks Sierra. The color was cranberry. It was given away so fast I wasn't able to get a picture. The recipient was very pleased with the scarf, so it made my day.

I have been accepted to the DishclothsRUs Yahoo group. This is a closed group. I was patiently on the list, and I was accepted. Yay! This is a wonderful group of people. I am very happy to have been accepted.

School is the pits. Not because it is school, but because it is causing me to stress. My wonderful counselors have informed me that in order to graduate I must produce $2300 dollars to them. Well that wouldn't be a problem if I had a job that was paying me a decent wage, but the reason I am at this job is so that I can complete school. See the catch-22 here? Needless to say I am frustrated. It will all work out, but in the meantime I am stressing. I only have 4 classes left. I just want to get it done. I need a break where I don't have to worry about getting assignments done and turned in.

Well, that is not a complete list of what is going on in my life, I think it is enough for now. I will try to get on here more often, but time, and life, will tell.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where have I been?

Lost without a paddle.
Adrift at sea.
If you see my mind could you tell it I am looking for it?

Yes it has been that type of break. More school, more stress.

Well now that we have established that, how the heck have you been?

I have been busy with school. Very busy.
My boss has been sick, she has a heart condition, and I have been worrying about her. The boys...The boys....They are going through a phase. I can handle it, daddy can handle it. The boys may not survive.

I have been knitting. No I don't have pictures again. Why you may ask, because my husband still hasn't found the cable. I am going to be forced to buy another one, I just don't really want to spend the money.

Let me get to the knitting.
I have completed this hat for my husband. He loves it, and I only made minor mistakes as far as I can tell. I did miss an eye, so he has one blind moose. I purchased the kit from beaellisknitware.com, and it was a truly fun knit.

I also finished Liesel . I did enjoy this as well. I have to say the finished product looks a lot like the photo.

I broke down and became a follower. I have joined the knitting olympics from the yarn harlot. I am going to knit Pafuglehale, forgive the lack of proper danish spelling.

I don't know if I will finish, but I am going to give it the old College try.
Well I guess that is all I have for now, but I will not be away so long next time. Promise!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas

Ok, yes, I have not been blogging. I have been knitting, but due to the fact that my husband had misplaced, he says it isn't lost, the cable that loads the pictures from the camera to the computer, I have no pictures.

I can tell you I finished this scarf. I was inspired by the fact my husband wanted a scarf. Caitlyn just happened to have it on her blog, and my husband liked it. Only problem it is much to thin for him, but he likes it anyway, which is all that matters.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I stayed home and did nothing, except cook, which really isn't a hardship. That was a wonderful feeling. I haven't done that in much too long. I can't wait to be out of school. Then I can do nothing, or as close to nothing as a 4 and 5 year old will allow.

Well I am off to work and I will try to post more often.

Monday, December 12, 2005

I have been lax

I meant to post who my Pal was. I didn't get to it.

My gifting Pal is Patricia from Pischi Days. Thank you so much for all of the lovely gifts. The cards were wonderful and kept me blogging. I will try to keep in touch. I have gotten really bad about that these days. I keep telling myself 9 more months and I can have some fun, and keep some friends :D

My gifted Pal is Ranee from Arabian Knits. She was wonderful to buy for. You should go see my Pals and say Hi!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Missing in action

Yesterday was a very bad day.
I woke up, as I usually do, ready to start my day.
I fell over in intense pain. I have the mother of all migraines.
I figured, I can do it! I can drive, HAHA (Not!), and go to work.

Guess what?

I couldn't even get out of bed.

It was an all day ordeal of trying to get over this migraine. 3 Imitrex nasal sprays later, taken during the course of the day, and 3 Excedrin it is tolerable.

I still have it today, not like yesterday, but it is there hovering in the background waiting for me to let my guard down. As soon as I do, it will pounce. I know it, I can feel it just on the outer edges of my temples waiting to come alive again.

If you don't see me for a couple of days, you know why. I am still doing battle with the beast in my brain.