Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I should be ashamed...

I should really be ashamed, it has been too long since my last post...
Almost sounds like confession. Well I have good reason, honestly I do.
Family, homework, and work.

I have been cleaning the house, it really needed it a spring cleaning, and it isn't done.

I started a new class, Java this time, and I think I should start taking breaks, I really do. My brain is starting to feel like mush.

We moved from one area to another, clear across the building. I overdid it, I felt that move all day Friday.

So there you have it, bonefide excuses. Everyone should have some.

On the upside of a new, short, week, I have a Secret Pal!
I am so excited. I can't wait to start sending out stuff. It's like being Santa in June, July and August.

To my Secret Pal

You can find my survey here.
I figured it would be easier for everyone involved, if you wish to read it feel free. If, on the other hand you do not wish to read it you are not forced to.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Oh me, Oh my!

I say this today, and I fell out. It is too funny.
There are no words to describe it. You just have to look and see for yourself.

Believe me, it is worth it.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

To C or not to C

I am getting frustrated. I don't know if it is just me or if it is my brain. I am trying to program in C and I don't think I am getting it. Maybe it is just not a format for online learning. Who knows. Maybe I just need to let my brain rest. There isn't that much time for a rest though, each class is only 5 weeks long. *Sigh*, I will get it, it just takes time.

On to happier things, I got a package in the mail today. My husband tells me I have some felting material at home. Yay! I am preparing for Christmas. I think I am going to make felted soap. I am still trying to decide. I really don't have time to devote to felted animals, and I can let the kids work the soap. I think I am going to felt some bags to go with them. I think the combination will make good Christmas presents.

I am waiting for the yarn to go with the bags. I think they will be in the mail next week. I ordered it from furryarns. They don't dye it till your order it. I have some of the 2 ply in Agean, and my hands turn blue. It just tickles my boys to death to see mommy's hands change color.

Well I guess I should really go back to work, as that is what they are paying me for.

Until next time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sunny California

Well that is what we tell you. This is what we don't tell you, we have the occasional "low, low". This is what happens when you have a "low, low".

This is where I work. This was Monday May 9. After 20 minutes of hail, very heavy hail, accompanied by very loud thunder.

Did I mention this is California, and this was concentrated in a very small area.

Did I mention this is the Bay Area. As in Contra Costa County, not up North where they typically get snow.

Two more for the road.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I know I should post more often, life calls though. We had a hailstorm so fierce yesterday, it looked like snow. It was an awesome sight to behold. If I can get the pictures from a co-worker, who just happened to have a camera handy, I will get some pictures posted.

It is very frustrating to have 3 projects in that "almost finished stage", and I just can't find the time to get them finished.

The cobweb is almost finished. I am on the 4th repeat of 7 for the main pattern. It is very pretty. I have a camera at home, two in fact, so there is really no reason I don't have any pictures. Except the fact that when I get home from work, I am worn out, and cooking dinner, feeding family, doing homework, and going to bed ;).

Anyway, I will work on it.

I also have shawl I found, from 2 years ago, so sad. I guess I will have to finish it too.

I also have a Rose of England sampler in cotton I need to finish. Don't ask my why I did it in cotton, I had a ton of it and I needed to get rid of it. There are just no reasons behind some of the things I do. I will try for pictures later.

Well I guess I should get back to work, since it is what they are paying me for.