Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Secret Pal.....More Java :P

I received a very nice Hallmark e-card from my Secret Pal. It was very encouraging. The class I was in, Java, is now over, but it it isn't really. I am in the second part of this class, with a different teacher thankfully.

So maybe I really learn something this time...That's a novel idea.

Well I have finished my Cobweb shawl...You know the routine..Pictures to come.
I actually have them on the camera, really I do. I am just waiting for my husband to download them. As he has been in a lot of pain the last few days, I really haven't bothered him about it too much. He will get to it.

Thanks again Secret Pal for the card, it really made my day!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Java, knitting or a lack of...

I haven't been on in too long. I have spent most of my time trying to wrap my brain around Java. Its not happening. I don't think it is due to a lack of understanding, truly I don't. Just when I think, "Aha I've got it!", my instructor throws something at me that truly mystifies. I honestly think he is more of a programmer than a teacher, nothing wrong with that honestly. I just don't think he can quite understand why the majority of the class is lost.

Anyway, on to knitting news. I have been doing some knitting. Just some. I have almost finished the cobweb shawl. I am in the process of binding off the bottom edge. I have to knit when I find the time. I have even started knitting at red lights, it is truly sad. I am just thankful I have a wonderfully understanding husband. He doesn't even ask why I keep buying yarn. He just smiles and rolls his eyes. Lovely man I have.

Other than that I haven't really had much time to knit as much as I would like. I have been out shopping, or in shopping as the case is, for my Pal. Ok I was shopping for me too, but that need not be commented on.

I still have pictures that need posting.
Yea, yea I know I promised.

Well back to Java, and not the coffee kind.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Buddy oh Pal of mine

My Secret Pal is a wonderful person. I had a package waiting for me when I got home yesterday. I did take pictures, but as usual, I haven't taken them out of the camera. Well, my husband hasn't as that is his designated duty.

I So Love my package.

Here is a list.

2 Skeins of Cascade 220--Orange
5 Skeins of Peruvian Highland Wool--Brown
1 Bag of Special Edition Vanilla and Chocolate Kisses--Fighting off the boys
1 Pattern--Double Handle Project Bag from Two Old Bags--For a Felted Bag
1 Tin of Tea, Dragonwell (I do love tea) From Adagio

Did I tell you how wonderful my secret pal is?

Well if I didn't, I am saying it now.


Monday, June 13, 2005

The first of many...

I sent off my first Secret Pal Gift today. I am so excited. I really hope my Pal likes what I sent. Well, if she doesn't I hope she is honest enough to tell me, so I know what not to get. I would much rather have her say, "You know that was nice, but it really wasn't me." Then suffer in silence. I don't know just me.

Anyway on to knitting news...

I have finished another bag for Christmas. Yes, I am knitting my Christmas gifts now. If I don't at least start on them now they will never get finished. Now I have another Finished Object to take a picture of. I still haven't posted the pictures from last time. I will get to them I promise. Really I will.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Secret Pal is the Best

I received a card from my Secret Pal. I love e-cards, they are so visual. I just loved it.

On the knitting front, I have been so very busy with school. I have been trying to cram Object Oriented Programming into my brain, and my brain is locked and I have discovered I don't have the key.

Anyone know Java? Can I borrow your brain?

Anyway I have managed to finish my little ones felted clogs. They really wanted them, so mom obliged and finished them. Now my husband wants a pair. Go figure. So now I have to find some time to make daddy a pair. I have the yarn, and I have started on them, it is just finding time to finish them.

I have also finished a felted bag; a picture will be forthcoming sometime soon. I have the picture; I just need to post it. Call it lazy, call it busy, or call it tired.

Back to the grind.