Thursday, July 28, 2005

As promised

Here are the pictures. There are quite a few, so be patient if it takes awhile to load. I am also providing the link to the yahoo photos, just in case you don't want to wait, or the blogger decides not to upload all of the pictures.

First on our list the Cobweb Shawl by Emma Crew. I made this with the Space Dyed Blue Face Leicester from Paradise Fibers.

I tried to take some pictures that showed off the pattern. I don't know if you can see it.

Now my lovely boss showing off the shawl for us outside. She wasn't feeling well this day, but she is a real Trooper!

Next on the list, Secret Pal. Unfortunately my husband has already downloaded those pictures to his computer. Now I have to go find them. Secret Pal, I haven't forgotten you. I do truly appreciate all you are doing, your efforts will be displayed for all to see, as soon as I figure out what my husband has done.

Stitch Markers
We have the markers from Danielle I made a booboo. These lovely stitch markers came to me by way of Rebecca! Boy do I have egg on my face.:

There are more from Danielle Rebecca, you can see them at the photo album. I fear if I push Blogger too much it will spit up.

The next item up for bid display, more Markers from my second Marker Mania Pal. Who is named Danielle by.

Next up...The Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn. I like cables. They aren't as difficult as I let myself believe they were.

Here is a close-up look at the cables.

Ok I think that is enough eye candy for this post. Blogger is having fits.
More to come later.
Enjoy, and Happy Knitting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I thought I had it licked...

I thought I was going to get it done. Finally, I was going to present to you all pictures. I brought the camera to work, I even found the USB plug so I could download the images. What do I find when I plug the thing in?

Dead Batteries.

Am I having bad luck or what?

So tonight I will plug the camera in and maybe tomorrow you will get the long awaited pictures.

I have so much to show you.

1. Long lost pictures detailing my Secret Pal gifts.

2. The finished Shawl made with Space-Dyed Blue-faced Leicester from Paradise Fibers, in herb garden.

3. The markers from my Stitch Marker Pals.

4. The Stitch Markers my boss made for me.

5. Maybe pictures of my children, that is frightening, and the pictures of the Airport. Buchanan Field, which is in Concord. Why pictures of the airport you may ask, same reason we like pictures of yarn, my husband loves the airport, and so do our children. So why not, airport pictures too.

6. The destroyed Clapotis. I know you are dying to see the mis-dropped drop stitch.

7. My latest and greatest project. I know I stated I was going to start on something that did not require much thought. I just couldn't do it. So I started an Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn.

I have never in my life knit cables. They are fun, and I am not using a cable needle. I have read on numerous different blogs, no I don't have the link at the moment, I will have to look for them. The technique seemed easy enough, so I tried it. I am on the beginning of the fifth pattern repeat. I have achieved cables!! Yay for me.

I still have a bit of a headache, but I refuse to let it start stopping me now. Still no news about my husband and the FAA.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


You know, I really shouldn't knit when I am stressed and am in possession of a migraine, or rather when it possess me. It is a really bad combination. Last Thursday I started a Clapotis, another Christmas present in the making. Today I am on the second dropped stitch, except, I dropped the wrong stitch. Somehow the markers moved over, and since I haven't the intelligence to pay attention to the stitches on the needle chart I have been following, I dropped it anyway.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Sigh, I guess I could always make something else. At this point, I am fed up.

Would you like to know why I am in such a state?
Well let me tell you.

The FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration ), has decided the best use of our Homeland Security money is to prosecute disabled pilots, many of whom cannot fly anymore. My husband is one of them. He hasn't been able to fly since 2001, the last flight we all took as a family. Now the FAA and Social Security have decided it is somehow illegal to be in possession of a pilots license while being on Social Security.

Let me explain how not being able to fly feels to my husband. It is like someone telling us, we can no longer knit due to health issues. He knows he can't fly, but he still cherishes his license. Now they are trying to put him in jail for something that isn't true.

I really shouldn't knit in this state of mind.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Marker Mania Strikes!

I had a package waiting for me today. My Marker Pal, Rebecca, is a doll!
I love the markers, no I don't have pictures, because I am tired, and harassed. Life can be like that sometimes. One of these days I will have a picture post, I swear.

Thanks Rebecca, You Rock too!

How hot is it?

Well it is so Hot...
I haven't had the energy to do much of anything. Not knitting, not homework, or housework. The heat drains the energy out of everybody in the house.

Did I mention it is HOT?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I Think My Pal Rocks

I took a late lunch so I could go to the Post Office. I had a package to pickup. My Pal stuck again! I haven't opened it yet, but I just wanted to acknowledge the thoughtfulness of my Pal.


Sunday, July 10, 2005


I was over at Kathy's place when I say a link for this.

She warned us to be afraid. I didn't listen. Call me hardheaded or just plain curious.

Have a great day, I am back to Java.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


God Bless All of the Lost Souls and their Families.

Our Prayers are With You All.