Wednesday, October 19, 2005

As Promised

This must be some kind of a record for me. Well as I promised here are the pictures of my Secret Pal gift.

First up we have some Wonderful soap. I had to beat my husband off of it. It has goat milk, and honey and Almonds. Mmmm, now the kids want more baths.
I also received a set of double pointed needles, with a removable stitch marker contained in a blue double pointed needle holder shaped like a sweater.

Next is some wonderful sock yarn. I am going to have to get off of my butt an just knit some socks. I really don't have any excuses, fear?

Here is a picture of the whole shebang. It really should have gone on top, but you get the idea.
There is also a pattern for socks, really no excuse now, and a wonderful candle. My family seems to think all of the packages belong to them now. I think they need to learn how to knit, don't you?

Knit Bits. What knitter can do without the daily word from other janitor's? This is wonderful. Yes, I opened it already. No, I didn't read all of them, just a few....It's almost 2006.

Last, but certainly not least, these stitch markers. Aren't they just to die for? They are blown, if I am not mistaken, at any rate you can't buy these in any ol' store, no sirree bob. I am truly touched.

Thank you Secret Pal. I have been lax on my blog updating lately, but I really am trying not to fail this bloody class again. I am scheduling this sucker out. I will try to get a post up at least once a week.

Talk to you all later.


At 7:34 AM, Blogger chele said...

What a wonderful SP6 package, what treats! Have a great weekend~

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Lyndanna said...

Thanks for the wonderful weekend greetings. I had a good one.
Yes my Pal is spoiling me. I am enjoying her, and I can't wait to know who she is.


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