Monday, October 17, 2005

Time ticks away

It has been much to long since I last posted. I am really sorry about that.

I have been stressing, which doesn't help my migraines. So needles to say I have been having more. I have been to the doctor, and he has given me some medicine, that actually seems to be helping some.

While I was away I had a birthday. October the 9th.

I have failed, yes you heard that correctly, failed the first class ever.
The first in all of my years of going to school. Oh well I guess there is a first time for everything.

On the knitting front, I have decided to just do the mystery shawl. I have been putting it off, but I needed something to do that wasn't going to strain my already tired and stressed out brain. I am on clue 2. I will try to get some pictures posted, but we all know how I have been on that lately. Don't hold your breath, because I don't want to be responsible for you passing out.

Until next time.


At 7:47 PM, Blogger caitlyn said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!! =)
Glad that the medicine is working for you, and I hope you continue to get better. As for the class -- was it that JAVA class from a couple months ago?? I remember that you were trying so hard on it. Don't get too down on yourself!

At 5:45 AM, Blogger Lyndanna said...

Hi Caitlyn,
Thanks for the birthday wishes. No it wasn't the Java class. It was something I know and should have gotten at least a B in, but when your brain isn't acting right...
The class was Database Management. That is alright I will do better now that my head isn't exploding at every little sound.

Talk to you later.


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