Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trying to get better...

I really am trying to get better at blogging lately. I have been busy with school, and work. Let me try to catch you up.


School has been trying. I have 3 more months to go, and I am finished. 2 1/2 classes left to go, I am ecstatic. I have been struggling to find time to get homework done, but I have been able to manage.


Work is a whole different ball of wax. My immediate supervisor left for greener pastures. I am really happy for her. The problem is she was the one who administered all of our GIS data. Now that is up to me and the DBA who really isn’t our DBA, he works for other departments. My boss (the big guy) just manages him.

I have been given quite a few more jobs to do since my boss left, and not being compensated for it. I know, I should leave or demand a raise. 1) Asked for a raise, the check is in the mail. 2) The experience I am gaining will help me find another job. 3) I am looking for another job.

Just before my boss gave notice, the head boss, notified me that I shouldn’t get too comfortable, as there was no future for me here. Well, I guess I have been told. So I am trying to soak up as much as I can in order to get more knowledge. Know this, I won’t be dealing with that man’s attitude for much longer, I really can last much longer.

There have been several times when he has insinuated I either, a) don’t have the brain capacity to absorb what Shawna was describing to him; unbeknownst to him she was describing my current job duties. Needless to say he had egg on his face when he was informed that is what I do for 2 out of 4 weeks during the month. b) Can’t handle a technical duty; which is the reason he will not be giving me a larger raise; the first of which I haven’t received.

Now that Shawna is gone, he has discovered that not only do I have a brain, but I am also capable of completing more technical duties.

So that is part of the reason I haven’t been posting.


I have been knitting. I have finished a dishrag for my swap partner.

I have started the Menorah Pillow from handknit Holidays. It's for my husband's doctor, who is a wonderfully patient man. I am on row 37, and if I do say so myself, I am proud. It looks good. Nope no pictures, sorry.

I also knit a small lace neck scarf for a friend that recently had shoulder surgery. She broke her shoulder after going ass over tea kettle over the handlebars of a motorcycle.

Word of advice to all those that don’t know how to ride a bike, me included:
If You Don’t Know How To Ride, Stay Under 25 MPH!

Well that is all of the news I have for now. I will try to get on again before the next century.


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